Tonight: Corporate Juggernaut — Open House at High Watt



Corporate Juggernaut: Open House
When: 8 p.m. Monday, Aug. 6
Where: The High Watt

Hey you, aspiring comedian! Yes, you — the one with notebook full of gags but without the testicular fortitude to hang out behind the Harding Place Walmart or the inclination to go to a bar you’ve never heard of out in Hermitage. We know you’ve been dying to get into the stand-up scene, but you’ve been scared off by the fact that, well, most open mics are basically like the third act from Hostel played out over cheap beers in smoky dives.

But you’re in luck! The Corporate Juggernaut crew feels your pain and wants you to hang out and try your hand at the art of yuk-making, so they’ve brought their open mic out of the city’s nether regions — don’t mind the smell — and straight into the heart of Cannery Row. Or maybe it’s the hairy mole on the back of Cannery Row. Either way, it’s better than hanging out at Spanky’s. Sign up at 7:30.

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