From Olympian Blue to S&M Belts: Fall Fashion



Despite the fact that it's still as hot as the sixth circle of hell outside, September fashion magazines are arriving in the mail and clothing stores are replacing summer clearance items with pre-fall lines.

According to Pantone, one of the color trends this fall will be Olympian Blue, because we all want to feel like a champion.


H-to-T leather? Well, why not?

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Apparently, ombre is not going anywhere, from haircolor to fabric.

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Peplums, which were flowery and bright in spring 2012, have more of an edge for fall. They also hide hips and arses, so yay!

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Fur seems to fall in and out of fashion as much as Britney Spears, and it's back in a big way this fall. For those who would rather hug animals than wear them, there will be lots of fake fur options, too. Fashion envelope pushers, we expect that you'll embrace these bright, muppet-esque hues.

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And nothing says autumn like a little S&M accessorizing ... can we blame this on Fifty Shades of Grey?

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