Art by Emily Clayton & Nina Mayer at Brick Factory




Maybe it's because I hadn't heard anything about the show until maybe an hour before I got there, but I liked the work at Brick Factory more than any of the other stuff I saw all weekend. Sure, it might not have the collector's appeal of the Harmony Korine and Allison Schulnik on view at Ziehersmith's popup in the Gulch (more on that exhibit later), or the take-me-seriously aesthetic of a lot of the work at Zeitgeist (more on that one later, as well). It might also have had something to do with the decidedly non-art-crowd art crowd that was milling around the space — Big Surr and Phantom Farmer were playing sets right outside.

Emily Clayton is one of my favorite artists in Nashville, and her work is, in my opinion, ridiculously underexposed in town. (Check out posts I've written about Emily here.) Nina Mayer is a Chicago-based Nashville-based! (ed. note: Look for more about Nina in upcoming posts!) artist whose work I'd never seen before. Her three large prints feature collages of what look like Bruce Weber photographs, and they are stunning. There's a sculpture in the space as well, and it has both nudity AND googly eyes — a winning combination if there ever was one.

The work is up through Aug. 31 — you should go see it.







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