Get Smarter With RSRCH CLB! This Sunday at Noon



“Come have brunch, meet new people and fill your brain with knowledge.” That’s how Research Club sells itself. In the words of "Big Edie" Beale, how can you resist it?


Organized by scientist/artist/Scene contributor Perrin Ireland and Tennessean/New York Times journalist Bobby Allyn, Research Club is essentially an extension of the Portland, Ore., club of the same name, and they’re using Brick Factory as their clubhouse. It's still in its infancy — this is only their third meeting — so it's a great time to get involved.

This weekend’s lineup includes former Country Life artist of the month Christine Rogers, Slow Money proponent Scott Weiss and biologist John Niedzwiecki. More information from the group’s Facebook page after the jump.

Christine Rogers is a local photographer who recently moved back to Nashville after teaching photography at Wellesley College. She's heading soon to northern India to study landscape tourism on a Fulbright Scholarship. She'll discuss her project.

Scott Weiss is a local proponent of the Slow Money movement, which strives to strengthen food access and economic diversity through local investment. He'll talk about what it means for Nashville.

John Niedzwiecki teaches biology at Belmont. He recently studied the migration of Darwin's Finches between islands in the Galapagos. He'll chat about salamanders in the South and the Midwest — including ones from Murfreesboro.

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