Casting Call: Fashion Star



In an effort to have Nashville completely take over the small screen — Real Housewives, Nashville, etc. — we urge local designers to carpool down to Atlanta next Saturday to attend the open casting call for NBC's Fashion Star.


Here's the lowdown:

Department: Letter to the Editor

Subject: NBC's Fashion Star is coming to Atlanta!

My name is Jaime Cesarz and I am a Casting Producer for the next season of NBC's Hit Series "FASHION STAR". I wanted to reach out to you to let you know that we have begun casting the shows second season. I wanted to know if you might know of any Nashville designers who might be interested in this opportunity. We will be in Atlanta for an open call on July 21st attached you will see the flyer with all the information. If you might have some names, I would like to speak with any interested designers beforehand.
As you know Fashion Star is a great way for fashion designers to establish great relationships with 3 of the largest nation retailers in the US all while getting national exposure. We will also be visiting NYC, Miami, Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

We plan on shooting the series in mid Sept and the shoot lasts for 6 weeks. Just wanted to give you the shooting schedule so you were aware of the time commitment of the project if cast.
If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me and you can circulate this email to anyone you feel might be interested in the opportunity.

Contact name: Jaime Cesarz

Contact company: NBC's Fashion Star

City/state: Los angeles, CA

Contact phone: 310 360 2334

Contact e-mail:

Not familiar with Fashion Star? This is the show that does not feature my BFF Tim Gunn (that would be the incredible Project Runway). This show, hosted by Elle Macpherson, provides contestants "mentors," aka fashionable people Jessica Simpson (don't laugh, her shoe line is awesome), Nicole Richie (princess of boho chic) and designer John Varvatos. Fashion Star aims to produce clothing for consumers to buy: The clothing on the show is immediately (as in, that same week) available for purchase.

So, White Rabbit, Valentine Valentine, Black by Maria Silver, Jamie and the Jones (time to end that hiatus), we expect to see you there. Represent us. Oh, and let us know how Jessica is doing in her quest to lose the baby weight. We're dying to know.

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