My Kid Could Paint That! Start 'Em Young Tonight at Cumberland Gallery



Have you ever noticed how many artists in Nashville have children? It seems like I run into at least two or three kids at every art opening. This isn't a complaint — Brent Stewart's gorgeous daughters are frequent subjects in his work, and Amelia Winger-Bearskin's son Tristan is positioned to become an artist in his own right. Why shouldn't they be part of the openings? It makes things interesting, at least as an experiment to see how quickly an art crowd can vacillate between daydreaming about having their own children and being desperately, hopelessly, infinitely glad that they don't.

The people at Cumberland Gallery know all about it. They're hosting the second annual Start 'Em Young event as part of this week's first Thursday gallery crawl, and it's a great opportunity to bring your kids out to see some of the gallery's best artwork. Their Summer Selections revolving exhibit highlights the gallery's top artists, and they've geared tonight's showing to the most accessible, kid-friendly fare. There will also be fun and educational activities for kids, including a visual scavenger hunt, educational stations and the opportunity to contribute to the creation of a large mural. Consider it a step up from Play-Doh and Magic Markers.

The event is free tonight from 5-8 p.m. at Cumberland Gallery, 4107 Hillsboro Cir. in Green Hills. Call 297-0296 for more information.

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