Memorial Service for Karsten Soltauer Tomorrow in East Nashville


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Beautiful Day, Karsten Soltauer
  • "Beautiful Day," Karsten Soltauer
Karsten Soltauer Memorial Service
Where: Boheme Collectif, 919 Gallatin Ave., #8
When: 7 p.m. Friday, June 29

I didn't know Karsten Soltauer. But after hearing so many of his friends comment on his passing this Monday, I almost feel like I do. His partner Kate O'Neill wrote a heart-wrenching tribute to Karsten on her blog post. This paragraph is particularly moving:

I think perhaps the key to processing a loss this immense and intense is to embrace the bothness of it: I have never experienced one emotion without the potential for its complement. I am nowhere near the master observer of absurdity that Karsten was, but I have been his student for nearly fifteen years and maybe I can see it a bit more than most. But if devastating loss is a swing to the left from the emotional equilibrium, I sense there is the opening of an often unnoticed rather large area to the right, into gratitude, appreciation, abundance, humor, and moments of joy and peace.

Read the full tribute here.

O'Neill is asking that you help her celebrate Karsten Soltauer by submitting memories, photos, artwork, video or words to

If you'd like to pay your respects to Karsten's friends, family and life, go to Boheme Collectif tomorrow for his memorial. In memory of Karsten, you should show up wearing something electric blue — and be prepared to participate in a community art project. Judging from the Facebook event page for the service, it's going to be a packed house.


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