Jem, The Holograms and Patricia Alice Albrecht: Thursday at Scarritt-Bennett Center



Poet's Corner: Patricia Alice Albrecht
When: 7 p.m. Thursday, June 28
Where: Scarritt-Bennett Center

When I was a kid, I always rooted for the bad guy — happily-ever-after endings were way more interesting when you wrapped them up with anticipation that evil would prevail. I’m pretty sure you can trace that bad-guy affiliation back to my love of The Misfits, the non-Danzig-led band of bratty punkers who rivaled Jem and the Holograms in everyone’s favorite music-based ’80s cartoon. Pizzazz was The Misfits’ leader, and a hero to defiant 8-year-old girls everywhere. What’s she been up to lately? Writing poetry in Nashville, of course.

Patricia Alice Albrecht was the voice actor who still maintains a level of fame for playing Pizzazz (she’s also got a roster of other voice-over work under her belt, such as Snorks and the New Kids on the Block cartoon series). Her poetry, which she’ll share with us tonight at Scarritt-Bennett’s Poet’s Corner, is filled with sweet observations that are intelligent and subtle. Her poem about a woman being observed at a shelter begins with William Carlos Williams-like minimalism — “It was the season of the resurrection / She was twenty when I first saw her” — before continuing on into a heartbreaking vignette of homelessness and religious austerity.

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