'You Are So Nashville If ...' You're Waiting 'til the Last Minute to Enter



If you haven't turned in your YASNI entry (or entries) yet, the time to do so is becoming scarcer than ink in Bill Haslam's veto pen. The deadline is tomorrow for you to complete this sentence: "You are so Nashville if ... " Enter here or, heck, tweet at us with the hashtag #YASNI if you prefer. If chosen, your entry could appear in the July 19 issue. Maybe even on the cover. Some topics to jostle your memory-cage:

Curry Todd
John Arriola
James Franklin's assistant coaches' wives
gateway sexual activity
Julia Hurley
Stacey Campfield
Third Man Records
Bill Haslam
Islamic Center of Murfreesboro
Richard "Stomp a Mudhole" Floyd
foot-sucking via Craigslist
food trucks
Mae Beavers
Belle Meade Country Club
food tax cut
Mayor Dean's budget
"License to Bully"
state laws about teaching science
all the "hipsters" in East Nashville

Topics to avoid: traffic, the fact that Latinos live here and redneckedness generally. Now, get on it!

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