Science in Toyland at Adventure Science Center



Science in Toyland
When: Through June 30
Where: Adventure Science Center

A new exhibition called Science in Toyland at the Adventure Science Museum is chock-full of hands-on activities and special programs that are all about children’s toys and how they function. I hope they can explain why my Speak & Spell was such a bitch and why I had to blow into all of those Nintendo cartridges. Along with the rad details of how toys work, the exhibit will include which size tops spin longer, how to build strong bridges and why sailboats can travel into the wind.

If that’s not enough serious geekery to drag the kiddies out, all I can say is, put your sails into the wind, build a bridge and get over it. At this point, who knows what kind of science the children of Tennessee are learning? This is a chance to show the kids that science is a) real, and b) fun. Demonstrations and workshops will encourage children to discover basic scientific principles and concepts. Hell, as an adult, I daresay I’d learn a few basic scientific principles and concepts myself. Anyone have a kid I can borrow?

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