Is George Lopez Really Worth Your Time? Tonight at Zanies



George Lopez
When: June 20-21
Where: Zanies

As much as George Lopez seriously sucks, this show is sure to sell out. Maybe I’m just overlooking something, but using racist jokes in stand-up is a lazy crutch — and this dude is leaning on it pretty hard. When Richard Pryor did it in the ’70s, it made sense. Not to mention that Pryor’s white-folk voice was spot-on compared to Lopez, who sounds like Dakota Fanning circa 2001.

He apparently turned down a role in Desperado in 1995 because he didn’t want to be in films that promoted negative images of Latinos. I guess the episodes of Reno 911 where he plays a morally corrupt mayor who sleeps with prostitutes and gets arrested on felony charges are doing wonderful things for the Latino community. Lopez has also joked in the past that he wanted to be the mayor of Los Angeles. “We have Obama, we’ll have LoBama. I won’t want change. I will want your change,” he said.

The one thing he’s got going for him is The Lopez Foundation, an organization that aims to promote positive change in underprivileged or military families. Save the money you would have spent on this lame act and go promote some change of your own.

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