Poker in the Font: Playing Cards Decked Out in Helvetica



I happen to really like the aesthetics of the classic card deck, with its intricately but simply drawn lines and simultaneously upside-down/right-side-up mirror-image portraits of antiquated hierarchy. To my eye, there is something really satisfying about the quaint heraldry. I also like clean, orderly modernist designs, MTA signage, Helvetica and the whole thing. That brings us to these here Helveticards from Franklin, Tenn., designer Ryan Myers.

"I wanted to take a new approach on how the cards are used and bring them to a more usable and modern design," he says. I'm not sure how new the approach is for "how the cards are used" — I don't see any Helvetica-based games he's invented — or how much more "usable" these are. (They're certainly more usable than the set of oval-shaped Umbra cards I got as a gift once, though.) I do agree the design is more modern, almost to a fault — I mean, I'm all for minimalism, but something about taking the stem off the club seems a step too far! A nice, graphically strong addition to your games chest, though, and only $10.

Via Core 77.

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