Jack's Non-Viral Video Series, Episode 1: 'Japanese Modern Jazz Opera'


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Behold, the inauguration of Jack's Non-Viral Video Series.™

Why, you ask? Aren't you sick of seeing the same old 10-million-view vids posted on every shmo's Facebook page? Hasn't the term "viral video" jumped the shark anyway? (Speaking of which, hasn't the term "jump the shark" jumped the shark? Whoa. Dude.)

What constitutes a non-viral video? Well, I'm not going to impose arbitrary criteria, but let's just say that non-viral videos are like art. (Or porn.) I know it when I see it. In this case, 17,000 views in a well over a year would seem to qualify as non-viral.

For the first installment of the weekly monthly quarterly thrice-yearly whenever-the-hell-I-feel-like-it series, behold the awesome, jaw-dropping madness that is "Japanese Modern Jazz Opera." A bizarre stage production featuring freaky props and costumes, all performed to American jazz classics like "Now's the Time" (Charlie Parker), "Blue Monk" (Thelonious Monk), "Sister Sadie" (Horace Silver), "Doxy" (Sonny Rollins) — complete with original Japanese lyrics!

And be sure not to miss the 1:45 mark, when a bizarre pod opens to reveal a female singer dressed in a unitard with male genitalia. Oh, the splendor!

HT: Jim Hoke.


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