Harmony Korine's Rejected Video for The Black Keys' 'Gold on the Ceiling' Is Very Harmony Korine [Updated]



Update: An executive at Nonesuch says the label never "rejected" the film you see here. "We always thought it had its own particular ... integrity," the exec writes. "We just thought we'd wait for a good moment to let it out into the world."

The Black Keys' record label apparently rejected liked the particular integrity of this Harmony Korine-directed video for their glammy little number "Gold on the Ceiling." Over at Nashville Cream, Adam "Ceiling the On" Gold ponders why Warner Bros. might have taken a pass on this, shall we say, short film, which features the Keys dressed as miniature themselves being carried around by larger themselves in oversized Baby Bjorns. The effect is delightfully surreal, made even more so by the fact that every shot is looped backward and forward, making the whole thing feel like a series of very weird animated GIFs shot on VHS. That is, until an even weirder cameo by the ATL Twins, who are originally from Chattanooga and can often be seen on the Internet pointing at women's asses in unison. Anyway, enjoy!

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