Beyonce, Bollywood and Praying Children: May's Artist of the Month Christine Rogers Curates YouTube


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YouTube, as a cultural phenomenon and as a vernacular repository of everything I could ever want to see ever has inspired my work more than any other cultural phenomenon period. After much contemplation and extensive viewing, I have realized/decided that, by and large, I am most excited by faces on YouTube. The idea of looking at another persons face as if I were their computer screen in a most private setting brings me the most delight, and is why I think there is still so much to love about YouTube.

In no particular order here are my favorite faces of YouTube:

"Countdown," Tyrone Jones:
I love tribute videos and Tye has embodied Beyonce in a completely magical way. I felt compelled to Facebook friend him after watching this video a million times. The dedication to which he emulates Beyonce is inspiring, and watch out for the crazy color changes that happen halfway through the video.

Children praying videos: This is just one example of this type of video, and there is a whole wealth of them to see and be mesmerized by on YouTube. I'd like to think this speaks for itself.

Reaction videos: Better than watching the real video, watching the face of someone else watch something is weirdly more entertaining and special.

Performances I never could have seen but now I can!

Last but not least, YouTube-as-crazy-research-tool. I never would've stumbled upon this amazing video that while not so much faces, shows the conceptual landscape I hope to visit while in India later this year. Here we see a Bollywood film that uses the backdrop of Switzerland as an imaginary space of romance and possibility.


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