Headhunters: The Usual Blockbuster Hollywood Thriller, Only Made in Norway



Every year, usually in summer, there's a foreign film that clicks with domestic audiences because it offers the kind of solid storytelling and genre kicks that Hollywood used to pull off without breaking a sweat. Past entries have included the French thriller Tell No One and the original Swedish version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo; this summer's edition, opening Friday at The Belcourt, may be Headhunters, based on the best-seller by Norwegian crime novelist Jo Nesbø.

Booksellers have been pitching Nesbø's books about Detective Harry Hole to Millennium Trilogy readers hungry for another dose of wintry Scandinavian chills; the series got a nice boost of notoriety with the news Martin Scorsese will direct the movie of the author's serial-killer procedural The Snowman. Headhunters is one of Nesbø's stand-alone novels outside the Hole series, a caper thriller about a corporate recruiter-slash-art thief (Aksel Hennie) whose latest executive target proves more than his match.

The movie was produced by the same company behind the original Swedish Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, but the trailer for this looks a lot more fun (or at least a lot less rape-y). Check out the international trailer below, which intriguingly is far less safe for work.

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