Laura at The Belcourt



Where: The Belcourt
When: May 19 & 20

I read somewhere that teenagers who write their names over and over in notebook margins are typically vain and self-absorbed. You could probably say the same thing about people who are obsessed with songs, books and films with their names in them. As it happens, the Belcourt has a triple-threat vanity test for all people named Laura, and I am failing miserably.

The 1944 film Laura is based on the 1943 detective novel Laura, and features a theme song called "Laura" that has been covered by everyone from Ella Fitzgerald to Carly Simon (and sung to me by Bill Cosby this one time — which might be worth a post on its own, let me tell you). It stars a pre-totally-creepy (but still sort of creepy) Vincent Price, Clifton Webb as a novelist who writes Dalton Trumbo-style, and Gene Tierney as a female advertising executive whose story plays out like 1940s version of Mad Men, as written by Agatha Christie. It's better than your typical film noir fare, but with all the same tropes that make the genre so enduring — a handsome detective, bleak cinematography, heavy theatricality, and tons of drinking.

No specific times have been announced yet, so keep checking in with The Belcourt's website for updates.

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