Holistic Healing, Religions of Light and Sound, Spiritual Connections and More: This Weekend's Galactic Expo



Galactic Expo
When: Saturday and Sunday
Where: Nashville Expo Center

Nashville continues to distance itself from southern stereotypes with wacky, eclectic events, like Galactic Expo, a two-day exposition that features spiritual counseling, crystal readings, iridology (i.e. diagnosis by the examination of the eye’s iris) and more. The event also contains books, art and clothing for those patrons who aren’t piqued by the expo’s offbeat activities.

Sponsored by Cosmic Connections, a staple in the city’s niche of holistic, spiritual healing, the event contains myriad exhibits, and, of course, many psychics. Some of the more interesting exhibits feature the Avalon Effect, an LED light therapy system that revitalizes the skin, and Eckankar, the religion of the light and sound of God, which may appeal to those Game of Thrones fans familiar with the Lord of Light.

The event also includes numerous seminars, ranging from acupuncture to animal speak — because if humans bore you, perhaps conversation with a cat is more to your tastes. The expo promotes itself as an event catered to the “health and wellness of mind, body and spirit” — all three of which are attainable for a mere seven dollars.

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