May's Artist of the Month: Christine Rogers



New Family #18, Christine Rogers
  • "New Family #18," Christine Rogers
Christine Rogers is quirky and smart, and her photography is less about making an artistic statement in the traditional sense, and more about showing how art can be a kind of ethnography — or maybe that culture and art have evolved in such a way that one can be a stand-in for the other.

She's from Nashville originally, but she's been studying around the world since around 2000, spending time in Ireland, Australia, Brooklyn and Boston, and only recently moved back to town. In September she'll be traveling to India on a Fulbright scholarship to work on a project that will deal with the country's layers of tourism and landscape.

Her previous projects include a series of mall-style family photographs that feature Christine posing with random strangers she'd just met. Another series incorporates American politics with American self-help culture, and required that the artist immerse herself in Glenn Beck videos, Dale Carnegie books and Fleetwood Mac's "Don't Stop."

Look for posts by and about Christine throughout the month, including a compendium of YouTube videos, places to explore, and a list of her current inspirations and influences.

Bedroom Landscape (Nashville)
  • "Bedroom Landscape (Nashville)"

  • "Billboard"

  • "Destiny"

Lounging Woman
  • "Lounging Woman"

The Palms
  • "The Palms"

Top of the World
  • "Top of the World"

  • "Shrub"

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