NaFF 2012: One Last Chance Today to Catch Pilgrim Song



We're not going to be able to see Martha Stephens' Pilgrim Song before this year's Nashville Film Festival comes to a close Thursday, but you may have better luck. The movie that a couple of people have mentioned to us as one of NaFF's biggest finds this year gets one more screening, today at 4:30. This synopsis from the Film Threat write-up:

Music teacher James (Timothy Morton) has recently been fired. With newfound freedom, and some unresolved issues in his current relationship with his long-term girlfriend Joan (Karrie Crouse), James decides to set out alone to hike Kentucky’s Sheltowee Trace Trail. At first, all is great. He mostly keeps to the backwoods and is able to dodge any real, meaningful connections with other people. Unfortunately, though, once the trail opens up, and he’s forced to start socializing again, everything falls apart.

First he’s cheating on his girlfriend at a barn party, then he’s injured and stuck with the heavy metal-loving journeyman Lyman (Bryan Marshall) and his young son, Bo (Harrison Cole). Try as he might, James can’t seem to shake the duo, and he finds himself drawn into the dramas of Lyman’s life just as he continues to try to distance himself from his own.

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