Tonight: Corporate Juggernaut Album Recording at Bongo After Hours



Finally, somebody in this town is making a record that’s supposed to be funny! And you’re invited! Which would probably be awkward if it wasn’t a comedy record being recorded in a public place. Let’s face it — watching a band record an album is akin to sitting in on a drunk family trying to balance their checkbook. But this isn’t a band — THANK GOD! We’ve had enough of those! It’s one of the city’s best comedy crews, and they need you in the audience to make this whole crazy Kickstarter-funded idea work. If you showed up and just stared blankly the whole show, that might work too. You never know. It’s comedy — a weird beast that’ll zig when you think it’ll zag. And you can expect all sorts of zagging from Gary Fletcher, Brad Edwards, Sean “Sean Sean” Staggs and the rest of the CJ crew.

More videos of the Corporate Juggernaut crew after the jump.

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