The Raid: Redemption — Can a Movie Really Have Too Many Machetes?



A symposium in this week's Scene on The Raid: Redemption, opening tomorrow at Carmike Thoroughbred, Regal Hollywood 27, Opry Mills 20, Providence and Indian Lake:

Two weeks ago, Jason Shawhan and Jim Ridley attended a morning press screening of the Indonesian action thriller The Raid: Redemption. They emerged 101 minutes later breathless, belligerent and pondering essential questions of existence and cinema, such as: How do you make a lethal weapon out of a door frame? Hours later, they attempted to form coherent thought:

JIM RIDLEY: Wooh! Aaah! How has it taken three decades for someone to discover the magic six-word action-movie high concept: "It's The Warriors — in a high-rise!"

JASON SHAWHAN: What's refreshing about The Raid is its directness; the simplicity of the backstories, the transitive nature of its violence, and its refreshingly clear use of space and editing. If you've felt alienated by shaky handheld camerawork and disoriented by frenetic cutting that doesn't even give you a real sense of where anything onscreen is in relation to anything else, The Raid is a revelation.

JR: You know what else is a revelation? I didn't know refrigerators could explode.

Read the whole review here.

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