17 Events That Could Only Be Taking Place This Weekend at MTAC



From the Middle Tennessee Anime Convention website:

Ramen Eating Contest - A 10-year MTAC tradition, this is our annual food challenge! Brave the secret ingredient, eat till you can eat no more, and take home the victory!

Bebop Bar Crawl - Join your host Conkitty™ and Friends from Cowboy Bebop as they venture out into the Nashville bar scene. Must be 18+ to attend, 21+ to drink. Cosplay encouraged!! Let's show Nashville how to really make a scene, anime-style.

Lolita Tea Party - Join us Sunday for a tea service at the most dandy social event! Wear your best Japanese fashions, meet other J-Fashion lovers, pose for photos, and celebrate the love of Japanese Street Fashion. (Japanese Fashion is required to attend this event.)

Super H 2: Return of Monster - The weirdest, dirtiest Late Night panel returns! MORE TENTACLES, MORE TABOOS, MORE MONSTERS, MORE LEWDNESS! If you're not weirded out by the end, you were in the right panel!

Hetalia After Dark - Sleep over with us for a night of games and "alliances". Because pairing countries isn't awkward at all!

Put That Where? YAOI - A serious discussion of yaoi and its impact on society. That, or a showing of the finest guy-on-guy anime known to man.

How to Make Wings - Learn how to make angel wings and other kinds of wings on a budget with Saratonin Studios.

Ghosts of Japan - Presented by Miss Fortune's Mysteries: A look into the ghost stories, folk tales, and urban myths of Japanese culture, as well as references to them found in anime, manga, and video games.

What the Heck is Japan Trying to Sell? - Japanese commercials are the stuff of legend on the internet, simply because so many of them are ridiculous! Join us and try to guess just what the heck Japan is trying to sell!

Pokemon Party - Are you the ultimate Pokemon fan? Bring on your Pokemon-themed skits and costumes for the 3rd annual skit competition (Enter you or your group at the door!). Be prepared for epic live-action battles for the whole audience to participate in! And get ready for tons of prizes and FREE giveaways!

LiL iFFy in Concert - LiL iFFy, the world's greatest wizard rapper, is turning his attention to the Convention circuit with this MTAC performance. Freshly home from his well-documented Wand Tour, and on the receiving in of thousands of youtube hits and downloads of debut album "Wandcore," iFFi will be playing a show at MTAC before settling into Knoxville's Church of Slam recording facility to complete his follow up record, which will likely be pretty awesome.

How Not To Be a Creep (And Other Geek Dating Tips) - Join our Geek/Otaku girls for all the need to know dating advice and essential tips for surviving the Geek/Otaku dating scene. We'll share our most fun and awkward dating stories with you!

Your Favorite Anime Sucks! - You know the anime you watch sucks. Let us tell you why.

Anipocalypse: Wait...what? - Zombies. Robots. Colony Drops. Failed...planet migration? Werewolf fail? Psychic-Child nukes?! ENRAGED TURTLE ATTACKS?! Come find out about the bizarre Ends of the World in Japan's Pop Culture.

The Greatest Anime Deaths - Presentation in categories of the best, worst, craziest, memorable deaths all throughout anime history from shoujo to shonen. It's the best time to think about those deaths of anime characters.

Asian in America - Want to know how to ask that cute Asian girl out on a date without saying anything stupid? Want to know if "Arigato" is a proper response to the guy at the hibachi grill? The convention's Asian guests and friends will share their experiences of people's preconceived notions both positive and negative. Hosted by Solikha "Sonnie" Wright.

Dragonbald: A Dragonball Evolution Roast - The Narrator/adult Gohan from DBZ, Kyle Hebert, riffs on the live action abomination with a MST3K-style solo commentary as the movie screens.

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