Tonight: Megan Lightell at Zeitgeist



Heavy Rain, Megan Lightell
  • "Heavy Rain," Megan Lightell
Artist's Reception Tonight
When: 6-8 p.m. Thursday, April 5
Where: Zeitgeist Gallery

Megan Lightell paints large landscapes with little details that make all the difference. Her brushwork is light but insistent, and she pulls her subjects to the surface so indirectly that entire scenes of farms and fields seem to appear from behind a mist of rain, a veil of memories, or both.

This is Lightell’s first solo show at Zeitgeist, and it features three large-scale pieces that are big enough to get lost in. Even before the opening, I’m suggesting return visits. Lightell’s traditional subjects appeal to more conservative viewers, but the moods she conveys through scale and technique make these more than just pretty pictures.

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