Nashville Fashion Week: Day Five



By Saturday, those of us who had faithfully attended each and every fashion show were feeling a little worse for the wear, partially due to the fact that most of us subsided on wine and Sour Patch Kids all week. Fortunately, a savior was delivered at just the right time, and to The Mall at Green Hills, no less: Tim Gunn, beloved Project Runway mentor and fashion and etiquette guru. Gunn hosted a fashion show at the mall featuring Liz Claiborne (for which he is chief creative officer) brands Kate Spade, Lucky Brand and Juicy Couture. In addition to highlighting current trends like mixing different scales of patterns and brights, Tim and his co-host Leah explained the basics of how to dress different body types, focusing on how to make the current trends wearable. I secretly wished I had invited some friends and family to this one!

Easter Sunday appropriate looks from Kate Spade:

Loving the head scarf in this look from Juicy Couture!! Ladies, let's bring this look to the Nashville streets. We can do it (bonus: it hides dirty hair!)

I'm fairly sure this look from Juicy Couture is a swimsuit ...

Gunn also offered his unfiltered — yet never impolite — opinion on current fashion trends, fielding questions from the crowd. Cropped pants? They're only for the tall and slender. Cropped cargo pants? Never. A little tank top paired with short shorts? Vulgar. Can I wear a romper? Yes, but make sure it fits, or you'll look like you're wearing a diaper.

Proof that Tim Gunn is truly the most exciting thing to happen in malls across America since Tiffany, the line to meet Gunn wrapped all the way down the hall, bewildering passersby who snapped photos of whoever was on stage just in case. Naturally, I was in this line, as I am a major, MAJOR Tim Gunn fan.

This is where I explained the difference between a French seam and a flat seam to Tim. (Um ... no. I can't even sew paper.)


OK, I ghermed a bit. Don't judge.


But enough about me and my new BFF Tim Gunn. Later that evening, the fashion-weary pulled it together for one more runway show. We headed to the Pinnacle, a simply stunning setting for NFW's closing night.

The first designer of the evening was Jamie and the Jones, who had announced an indefinite hiatus earlier that week (WHAT?! NO!!!!). Since they had made such a splash at the inaugural NFW and had been named the nD Festival's Emerging Designer winners, we were all pretty sad about this. Let's just hope they are taking time to regroup and figure out their next move ... because we'll be watching!

Their new line centered around flowy, muted patterns in both separates and dresses. Perfect, easy, breezy summer attire for the south, and we just adored the prints — sort of an atmospheric, minimalist stained glass.

And for those who like dramatic pants:

Must. Have. This. Dress.

Cally Reiman's Kal Rieman line was up next, a nice segue from the Jamie and the Jones show as she featured preppy, basic neutrals with a few bold patterns thrown in.

LOVED this dress, but we couldn't see the collar!! (My co-worker noted that I may be a bit of a "collar slut." Guilty.)

I was totally digging this sultry secretary look (hey, it had a great collar!), but in another great overheard-at-the-runway moment, I heard this comment: "That is the least sexy shirt you can possibly wear." Thoughts??

Some of the outfits had an equestrian edge (or, overheard again, "hot nun"), such as this beautiful black shirt/skirt combo. Loved the pop of color in the red belt.

I did not understand this at all. She has a shirt penis!!

One of my favorite looks from the collection (the vest! So versatile and perfect!), although my notes from the show may not reflect that: "Victor Victoria meets Christmas office party." Hmm.

Sylvia Heisel, accented by local jeweler Margaret Ellis, was next, and her simple yet elegant neutral (is that the theme of the evening?) designs were gorgeously accented by music from this guy.

This cross pattern was repeated heavily throughout the show ...

... but we liked it best on the dog!

LOVED this Grecian-inspired dress, but the obi belt?! Did not like the belt paired with it. (Apparently, I am not a "belt slut.")

After a brief intermission and much-needed potty break (see above: wine), we returned to our seats for Magid Bernard, which was heavy on the lacy and the tastefully racy.

(Overheard: "Tim Gunn would not approve." But I loved it!)

The room was buzzing with anticipation over Randi Rahm's collection. This lady has dressed the likes of Carrie Underwood, Beyonce, Mariah Carey and J. Lo!! We knew we were in for a treat, and we were not disappointed by her show of intricately designed couture gowns, which felt like a trip through Taylor Swift's closet. (That was sincerely intended as the highest compliment ever. I would be entirely disappointed if Ms. Swift's closet was not a candyland of poufy, sparkly dresses.)

Seriously. Someone get Taylor Swift's publicist on the phone, STAT.

Soooo in love with the black illusion neckline and the fearlessly gigantic skirt! Brilliant.

"Here, hold this for a sec." Kind of obsessed with these dreamy pistachio numbers.

And then there's this. The finale dress was so incredible that I'd get married again just to have the chance to wear something so stunning (and I just got divorced, people). Isn't it so Charlize Theron??

And thus concludes my coverage of NFW. My feet hurt, I never want to see a glass of wine or a tiny, not-so-filling appetizer again, and I now feel some pressure to amp up my sartorial choices every day. So, I will attempt to go onward in life, armed with a new mantra:


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