Adventure Science Center's Collectors' Day Application Due March 31



Mark Hosfords dog food collection
Whether its Pez dispensers, old lunchboxes or creepy Hummel figurines, people love their stuff. And if you've read any of my studio visit posts, you probably know that I love their stuff, too. Luckily, Adventure Science Center's got me covered — they organize an annual Collector's Day program, and have put out an open application for people who want to participate.

If you've got a great collection and want to show it off, fill out their online application by March 31 — that's this Saturday. (The caveat that all collections must be family-friendly makes me wonder what kinds of stuff they've had to deal with in the past.) And if you're a stuff-voyeur like me, mark your calendars for May 19 when the public exhibition takes place.

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