Hot Ticket: Bandit Brand Trunk Show Celebrates Fashion Week



After today's panels at The Frist and tonight's runway shows at Marathon Music Works, maybe you could use a transition event Friday to shift back into glam nightstalker mode. Hat tip to D. Patrick Rodgers over at Nashville Cream for passing along the invite to this cool last-minute trunk show celebrating Fashion Week, featuring some of Music City's indie-rock royalty.

Guest of honor is California-based Bandit Brand, whose artfully trashy midriff-baring T's are just the ticket if your fashion muse is the Sheri Moon Zombie character from The Devil's Rejects and your couturiers are the Sons of Anarchy. To put everyone in the right Satan's Sadists frame of mind, there'll be sets by DJs King, Jonas and Jambone. Rumor has it these mysterious maestros of mixmastery represent such world-beating acts as Turbo Fruits and JEFF the Brotherhood, but don't blame us if it turns out to be three furniture movers who made off with somebody's turntable.

There'll be drinks, there'll be Scene sweetheart Nikki Lane, there'll be Seth Graves, there'll be people you rarely see in daylight hours, however waning. It's 6-10 p.m. Friday at High Class Hillbilly, 914 Woodland St. Unit E.

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