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White Minority, Juan Capistran
  • "White Minority," Juan Capistran
Curator Jens Hoffmann lectured about his work at The Frist on Thursday. His biggest-deal exhibition as of late was the 12th Istanbul Biennial — and it is also the reason he was in Nashville, presumably, since Vesna Pavlovic, an artist who exhibited in the biennial, gave the lecture's introduction.

Hoffman led the audience through a slideshow of some of the most significant artists of the exhibit. There were several names that I wrote down to remind myself to find out more about that artist's work, but L.A.-based Juan Capistran's is the one that stuck with me all weekend.

Hoffmann first showed "White Minority," a Capistran painting from 2006, that references high art (Frank Stella's Black Paintings) and pop culture (Black Flag) puns on "blackness." The rest of that night's lecture could have been Charlie Brown-teacher boring (though it wasn't), and the introduction to Capistran's work would have made it totally worth my time. The second piece he showed was "Black on Black," a minimalist sculpture that's sexy no matter how much you know about Tony Smith's work.

Look through more work by Juan Capistran, including "Black on Black," after the jump.

Black on Black, Juan Capistran
  • "Black on Black," Juan Capistran

We Are Family,  Juan Capistran
  • "We Are Family," Juan Capistran

Do You Want New Wave or Do You Want The Truth? Juan Capistran
  • "Do You Want New Wave or Do You Want The Truth?" Juan Capistran

Dreams Are Free, Motherfucker! Juan Capistran
  • "Dreams Are Free, Motherfucker!" Juan Capistran


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