On the Cover: Nashville Fashion Week, Southern Style and Tim Gunn's Advice to Nashville



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On the cover of this week's Scene: our annual Fashion Issue.

Leading off, Libby Callaway writes on the virtues of grit, Nashville fashion and the rise of Southern style. She'll also be moderating a talk next Thursday on that very topic, and we've rounded up the industry panels (new to Nashville Fashion Week this year), and highlighted a few of the scheduled designer appearances around town. We also look at some of the designers, from the established to the upstart, showing this year.

Of course, the schedule is subject to change and amendment, so be sure to check the NFW website for the latest and most complete information.

Speaking of the event, Kim Green writes this week about the aspirations and adjustments of Nashville Fashion Week in its second year — and gives the long view in the process.

And Her Nashville editor Abby White talks to the one and only Tim Gunn (who's presenting a runway show at The Mall at Green Hills) about American style, sticking to your, uh, principles and the worst mistake people make when dressing themselves.

It also comes free with snazzy pics from staffers Eric England and Michael W. Bunch, and a collection of Nashville street style photos courtesy of Heidi Jewell of Under the Guise.

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