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Cheer up, podcast fans! Though The Chris Crofton Show may be missing in action this week, you can fill your Nashville-based comedy podcast void with a brand new episode of Greg Proops's The Smartest Man in the World podcast, released today and recorded live on stage at Zanies last week.

Who is Greg Proops, you ask? To answer that question, let's get in the wayback machine and journey to the far away land of eight days ago, where you can read my critic's pick:

Greg Proops is the kind of stand-up comedian who can only be forged in the crucible of improv and sketch comedy. Perhaps best known as a performer on every Drew Carey hosted sketch show since the dawn of time — including the original Whose Line is it Anyway? and the short-lived Drew Carey's Green Screen Show — Proops has a blazing wit that is unmatched by most comics of his stature. His stand-up act is built around an almost superhuman aptitude for popular culture with a vocabulary envied by most thesauruses. There aren't a lot of comics who can pull off using words like “salubrious” and quoting from Anthony and Cleopatra in their acts, but Proops makes it look easy. Though he appears through Sunday at Zanies, fans won't want to miss the taping of his “The Smartest Man in the World” podcast on Thursday.

Among the topics Proops tackles in his first trip to Tennessee: the ridiculousness of controversy over the Musica statue, honkeytonks vs. strip clubs, a lengthy discussion of Davey Jones and baseball players with "shrimp arm." It's funny stuff, but you may need a dictionary. Most impressively of all, according to Twitter, Proops did entirely different sets during his stand at Zanies, all without Drew Carey calling for an irritating hoedown about shoplifting.

You can download the episode from Libsyn or subscribe via iTunes.

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