DOGGIE WOGGIEZ! POOCHIE WOOCHIEZ!: Everything Is Terrible at The Belcourt


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Whaddaya mean, "Everything is terrible at The Belcourt"? They've got a kick-ass Bresson retro only a few places in the country will see; they've got a March-April calendar that looks like the Film Forum mothership crash-landed in Hillsboro Village; and they've got Nashville native Dee Rees' acclaimed debut Pariah opening Friday, with the fiercely championed Margaret to follow next week. Are we missing something?

Not if we show up 10 p.m. Sunday, when the website Everything Is Terrible hosts a screening of its third feature, DOGGIE WOGGIEZ! POOCHIE WOOCHIEZ! A curated compendium of headscratchers and horrors from the world of discarded VHS and triple-digit-channel cable, Everything Is Terrible isn't just going to show you a bunch of randomly assembled found-footage insanity. Supposedly its masterminds (who will appear at The Belcourt in giant mascot costumes) have cut their findings into an approximation of Alejandro Jodorowsky's 1973 phantasmagoria The Holy Mountain — only made completely of clips involving ... dogs.

For comparison's sake, we've provided the trailers for both The Holy Mountain and DOGGIE WOGGIEZ! How to tell them apart? The one with the shaggy, long-haired lead that doesn't speak is ...


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