Andrew Dice Clay: The Dane Cook of the ’80s Performs Tonight at Zanies




Andrew Dice Clay
When: Tonight, Feb. 29, at 8 p.m.
Where: Zanies

Stand-up comedy in the late 1980s was a hell of a thing. The bubble expanded so rapidly that it seemed like any dope, no matter how hackish their act was, could wind up on television. There’s no greater symbol of 1980s comedy excess than Andrew Dice Clay — not because of the content of his act (though we can talk all day about the misogyny, racism and homophobia present in Dice’s sets), but because of where his act got him.

Dice famously turned naughty nursery rhymes into a sold-out two-night stand at Madison Square Garden in 1990. He was, in a way, the Dane Cook of his era — an arena character comic, reviled by his peers while beloved by his fans. Dice’s controversial stage persona led to being banned from MTV, boycotted on SNL and protested by women’s groups. After a decade of lying low, Dice now returns to comedy, older and — hopefully — wiser.

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