Oxford American vs. Garden & Gun



The gloves, it would seem, are no longer on. And Oxford American editor Marc Smirnoff certainly lands some punches in his roughly 3,600-word screed against fellow/competing Southern magazine Garden & Gun. In short: Smirnoff doesn't like G&G. He compares it to Southern Living and similar publications, which he sees as bastions of a selective and distorting nostalgia. "The gist of my problem with Garden & Gun," he writes, "is that I perceive in it a similar exclusivity — a similar whitewashing of the South."

He's barely getting warm at that point. After analyzing Garden & Gun editor David DiBenedetto's appearance on the CBS Morning Show, he starts to heat up:

G&G falsifies the South it purports to cover, because a South without SEC football, politics, and religion is a false South. How can one miss this?

Speaking of misses, there is one more subject that seems just as off-limits in the pages of Garden & Gun as SEC football, politics, and religion, but it is not mentioned by G&G editors or noticed by media reporters.

I refer, of course, to race.

Rather than try to recap such a spirited, serpentine, self-aggrandizing, shit-talking and often spot-on geyser of vitriol here, I'll suggest you go read the whole thing. Spoiler alert: Smirnoff thinks Oxford American is a better magazine, even if it does have a smaller penis — figuratively speaking, of course.

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