Battle Royale: The Wait Is Over! April 13-14 at Belcourt



Hunger Games, shmunger games — you could hear the fanboy shrieks all the way to Woodbine last weekend when The Belcourt unveiled the trailer for its upcoming midnight movie: Kinji Fukasaku's notorious Battle Royale, scheduled to play two Belcourt midnight slots April 13 and 14.

For the duration of the Aughts, it looked like the late Fukasaku's furious 2000 satire about Japanese schoolkids dispatched to a remote island — where they're expected to dispatch each other — was untouchable by the standards of U.S. distributors. Whether money or post-Columbine squeamishness was the reason, the movie's unavailability made it the bootleg item of the decade.

The movie's finally getting a U.S. release next month from Anchor Bay, however, and The Belcourt secured one of the coveted slots on its tour, which coincides with its deluxe DVD release. But you'll want to see this in a theater, with a huge audience going nuts — which you already know, if you attended the capacity-crowd secret screening the Scene tipped you to several years ago ...

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