Mike Doughty: The Book of Drugs Concert, Reading and Q & A at 3rd and Lindsley



Events that cross disciplines always make me giddy with ideas for new possibilities. If we're lucky, Mike Doughty's concert/book reading/author Q&A at 3rd and Lindsley tonight will be just such an occasion. Here's Lance Conzett's pick:

If you’re anything like me, you spent hours of your teenage years consuming marathons of VH-1’s Behind the Music, television’s greatest tribute to rock star excess and the most compelling evidence to suggest that you probably are better off burning out than fading away. I’m looking at you, Leif Garrett. We’ll probably never see a Soul Coughing episode of BTM, but Mike Doughty’s new book, The Book of Drugs: A Memoir, does a hell of a job in its place. It’s no secret that Doughty would like nothing more than to wipe Soul Coughing’s existence from reality, but the band’s contribution to post-grunge rock music is undeniable — largely thanks to Doughty’s songwriting. Their idiosyncratic brand of groovy jazz-rock paved the way for bands like Cake and, closer to home, Self to reach audiences A.N. (After Nirvana). Doughty reads from his memoir, performs and answers questions in this intimate appearance. Just don’t expect him to bust out “Super Bon Bon.”

Read excerpts from Doughty's The Book of Drugs right here.

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