The Way We Were (At Least on the TV Movie Nashville Beat)



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I didn't grow up in Nashville, so I never had a chance to see the made-for-TV movie Nashville Beat when it aired. And because I wasn't here, I don't know if the city was really being threatened by gangs headed by cocaine-dealing, girlfriend-smacking gangsters with dark ringlets of hair who conducted their business in bars in the middle of the day.

What I do know is that when the cops of this here drama say they're heading down to "Louie's Bar on Lower Broadway" for a little monitor-the-deal-from-the-van-via-CCTV-type surveillance, they're actually headed to Elliston Place.

Speaking of Elliston Place! Elliston Square — the club now known as The End — makes a prominent cameo in this clip (embedded below), and just look at the marquee: Manikenz and a little band called Mammy Namms who would play across the street at Exit/In about a year after this aired. Here's a video!

What little I could find about Nashville Beat comes via IMDB, which serves up this rather tepid description: "A widower LAPD detective comes to Nashville and teams up with his old partner to stop rising gang problems headed by a dangerous man." I was pretty "meh" on the clip until it ended abruptly and I found myself wondering WHO IS THIS DANGEROUS MAN WHO SEEMS SO DANGEROUS?

Any of you Lifers know anything more?

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