Endless Scroll: Emily Clayton Curates the Internet


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Editor's note: Emily Clayton is Country Life's featured artist for February. In this post, she guides us through some of her favorite internet sites.

One can spend hours on Tumblr, as I often do, sifting through the bottomless pit of imagery. The endless scroll and unlimited free associations to be made are both hallucinatory and addictive. Much can be said about the concept of curation these days, but I feel these “curated” spaces are some of the most interesting places to find a convergence of pop, memes, art history and fashion. Here are a few sites that do it particularly well. I’m sure there are thousands more to be discovered.


In their own words, GDBD is “a space to bring together research, pop culture, artists and audiences as a form of play.” I had the pleasure of meeting and showing with its co-founder, Eileen Muller, last month in Chicago. Eileen also populates her own Tumblr account, An Archaeology, a beautiful collection of photography and modernist imagery.


Hyper Geography
Immersive landscapes of digital debris.

Accidental Formalist
Cohesive collection of form, color and material study


Uber-satisfying survey of men’s fashion and minimal design


Cats > Boyfriends
This one has it all: flowers, cats, grilled cheese, typography, girls


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