Is This Art? Lip-Sync to Samantha Fox's 'Naughty Girls (Need Love Too)'



My cursory research (read: emailing a few friends) has not turned up any leads as to where in Nashville this amazing lip sync video might have been recorded. I assume the flashdance you see above was probably produced inside a mall kiosk, or perhaps at a long since-demolished amusement park. As it stands, I could see this piece of pulsating, cookie-cut flashy trash serving as the looped video in an installation of some sort — a meditation on the post-Madonna, pre-Gaga pop universe, or on the commodification of youthful desire, or on the aesthetics of white high-tops. These days, anyone can make this sort of thing on their own device, so the novelty of mouthing the words to a sex jam in front of a phalanx of star explosions isn't quite what it was back in 1987. But Photo Booth doesn't have any filters anywhere near this cool, at least not yet.

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