Free Play at Arcade Museum: Blowin' Your Mind One Pac-Dot at a Time



Arcade Museum at Game Galaxy Arcade
Where: Game Galaxy Arcade at Hickory Hollow Mall
When: Sat., Jan. 28

Perhaps you’ve heard about Game Galaxy — an ’80s arcade aficionado’s paradise located in the post-apocalyptic husk of a shopping center that was once the great Hickory Hollow Mall. Here, you’ll find no skee-ball or Whac-A-Mole, and there are no tickets to earn and exchange for pencil-toppers and slap bracelets. Those have all been eschewed to make room for more pinball machines, a nearly complete Pac-Man suite (original, Ms., Super and Jr.), and the greatest collection of classic cabinets and modern tournament fighters you’ll find in the region. You can also rent consoles by the hour, buy new and used home gaming gear, and enter regularly scheduled battles royal for cash prizes.

What’s that? You haven’t heard about all this? Well, don’t bother popping your eyes back into their sockets — because what we’re about to tell you will just launch them back out of your skull again. On the last Saturday of every month, Game Galaxy hosts an “Arcade Museum” — a barely advertised, almost cult-ritual gathering of gamers. For only $10, you’ll be granted access to their unmarked Lynchian black-box storage space — full of more classic arcade machines and pinball — ALL SET TO FREE-PLAY.

All day long, you can gorge yourself on all the Journey, Devil’s Hollow and Rollerball your retinas can handle. You’ll need to inquire about it at the main Game Galaxy space, as the event is unattended — and you’ll never find it on your own. Call 731-1500 for more information.

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