Gummo Gets "Vertigoed"



Remember a few weeks back when Kim Novak took out a trade ad to say she felt like she'd been raped by the use of Bernard Herrmann's "Scene d'Amour" from his Vertigo score in The Artist? (A simple call to the Ill-Used Allusion Cops would've sufficed.) IndieWire's Press Play blog just held a contest that invited participants to test the theory that you can add new meaning and emotion to any piece of film, from old commercials to Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan — so long as it's "Vertigoed" with Herrmann's music.

Here's the winner of a special citation for "Chaos-as-Poetry," and it'll likely look more than familiar to several Nashvillians: it's a legendary scene from Harmony Korine's locally shot Gummo, given a soundtrack upgrade. The jarring incongruity of the rapturously emotional music and ... well, a dude dismantling a kitchen chair with his bare hands makes one shudder to imagine what crime analogy Novak might devise.

H/T: De Palma a la Mod.

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