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Good news for brunch fans: There's an intriguing new brunch option taking place each Sunday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at POP, Sarah Gavigan's new pop-up restaurant and event space in East Nashville.

Actual Brunch is the brainchild of Dan Forberg, owner and chef of Actual Food Nashville, a catering and personal chef company. (Actual Food Nashville is primarily a craft-service catering company, though Forberg also does small fine-dining events in homes.) Actual Brunch features a fairly concise menu, which appeals to me, because I hate having to ponder dozens of choices. And the menu looks terrific.

If you haven't been to POP yet, it's a fabulous space. Gavigan is serving up ramen and more there Tuesdays through Fridays. I've been once and quite enjoyed it. I plan to return soon. (Tony and Caroline Galzin are cooking up an Italian feast for 20 tomorrow night at POP. Alas, it's sold out. To find about future pop-ups there, join the mailing list here.)

Forberg sent us a menu, some photos and a description of the concept and menu. See 'em after the jump ...

Actual Food Nashville presents Actual Brunch at POP, happening every Sunday from 11-3 ... and it's amazing.

Actual Food Nashville, a catering and personal chef company, is now a brunch machine. Dan Forberg, owner and chef, is settling down into a Sunday residency at POP with his brunch love affair. Four solid menu items and some essential sides. Yes, there is booze too.

The food is fun and creative. It's bright and colorful. It's deep. It's what you want for brunch.

French omelette, a classic, yet rarely seen around town. A soft, rolled omelette with amazing cheese, fine herbs, and truffle butter — sold.

Huevos Benedictos, a screaming signature dish, and a corner stone of a complete breakfast. An eggs Benedict via Mexico with so many dimensions of flavor. Crisp potato masa sopes, chorizo, fried-poached eggs, two chili purees, pickled cabbage and a Hollandaise that is as Mexican as butter will allow.

The third dish, Vegan People, is surprisingly appealing to the carnivorous, yet as the title deems it, is vegan. But get it with the add-egg option and your meat vs. vegetable consumption woes are solved. A vegetable hash brown, fresh sautéed greens, sweet bell pepper puree, fresh favas, peas, lemon, mint, chili, cumin. A very classic Middle Eastern arrangement, in breakfast format. And so damn sexy-looking... Vegan People.

And last, a waffle that tops everything, anywhere. Imagine brioche dough with caramelized "crack rock" sugar crystals inside. It's a Liége waffle, an ancient Belgian waffle recipe that is tried and true. Get it two ways, both equally amazing.  Whipped vanilla chèvre, apricot syrup and candied orange. Or fresh local strawberries, strawberry syrup, almond whipped cream, and toasted almonds.

The menu is so concise and intentional — everything has perfection and purpose. It's Actual Brunch.

604 Gallatin Ave. #201
Sundays from 11-3




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