The Dinner Bell Rings Again With Martha Stamps to Support the BELL Garden



Last year, I wrote about the BELL Garden, Bellevue Middle School’s Bellevue Edible Learning Laboratory. The 1-acre garden is home to 11 chickens, an orchard, a variety of fruits and vegetables, and even a daylily and butterfly garden. A portable classroom/teaching kitchen is currently under construction on the grounds, and workshops have been held for the community, not just for students.

To raise funds to support the garden, they are once again hosting “Dinner Bell,” a farm-to-table event hosted on the grounds of the garden. Chef Martha Stamps is on board again to prepare the meal, which will be made from the garden’s produce. Additionally, guests will enjoy a wine tasting before the dinner, student-led tours of the garden, and live music. Last year’s dinner menu included salads of BELL garden-grown carrots, radishes and greens as well as bokchoy and asparagus, roasted chicken with candy onions and watercress, deviled eggs, and sorghum berries, beets and chickpeas. (That is, after having to move inside due to rainy weather.)

Tickets for the dinner are $100 per person, with all funds raised going directly to the garden. It’s a unique way for patrons to see exactly how their contributions are utilized.

Check out BELL Garden's Facebook page for more information and details of a few of the great silent auction items that will be available for bidding at the dinner, including lunch at The Palm with Mayor Karl Dean.

Dinner Bell at the BELL Garden
Friday, June 6, at 5:30 p.m.
Bellevue Edible Learning Lab at Bellevue Middle School
655 Colice Jeanne Road
Tickets, $100 per person available on the website

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