Learn How to Brew Your Own at Craft Brewed



Since it opened in late 2012, Craft Brewed in Melrose has become sort of an unofficial clubhouse for craft beer fans and home brewers. Now they want to help you join the club with a "Homebrewing 101" class on Tuesday, March 25, starting at 6:30.

The class is aimed at novices and beginners and should last a little more than three hours. For just $30, you'll benefit from Craft Brewed's experienced staff as they take you through the entire process of brewing beer. The syllabus promises you'll utilize a partial mash recipe to "learn the basics of steeping grain, boiling wort, keeping yeast happy, sanitization, fermentation, bottling, conditioning and ingredient selection. When you leave, you'll know how to brew an excellent 5-gallon batch of beer in your own home."

Their list of people who should take the class seems pretty inclusive: "Beer lovers, crafty DIY types, nerds, science geeks, stay at home parents, people who want a pet to take care of but are afraid of emotionally affecting other beings, zymurgists and dexterous cats." Most Bites readers should fit in somewhere on that list, so get ready to brew!

Craft Brewed is at 2502 Franklin Pike. To register for the class, go here.

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