Five Points Pizza to Expand, Open Late-Night Slice Window



Here's some welcome news for fans of East Nashville's most popular pizza joint: Five Points Pizza is expanding into the space next door, formerly the home of Tracy's Hair Impressions. The new space will feature a dedicated takeout counter and a slice window to serve the throngs of late-night bar patrons in the area.

Currently, takeout service is handled at the bar, which hasn't been an ideal situation, particularly as the restaurant's business has continued to grow.

"We need more space," says David Tieman, who owns Five Points Pizza (1012 Woodland St.) with his wife Tara and business partner Tanner Jacobs. "Originally we thought we'd add tables in there. But then thought we could serve a lot more people and put a lot more food out if we had counter service there. We can move all of the takeout to the other side. It will free up the bar, which was getting jammed up with takeout."

In addition to more space, the expansion will provide a greater capacity to make pizzas. "We're getting four new ovens to add next door," Tieman says. "That's going to double our oven capacity."

But the biggest news, for the bar crowd anyway, is the late-night slice window on Woodland Street, just a short walk from The 5 Spot, Red Door East, No. 308, Mad Donna's and The Lipstick Lounge, and just a couple doors down from 3 Crow Bar. "I think that's most exciting part," Tieman says. "Right now we're looking at [staying open until] bar closing time."

And once the expansion is done, Five Points Pizza, which is currently closed Tuesdays, will be open seven days a week.

As for when all this will be done, Tieman says that his experience opening the restaurant in September 2011 has taught him to be conservative about opening dates.

"We want to be up and going and selling slices out of that space by Tomato Fest," he says, referring to the annual August event in East Nashville. "For the most part, the current space will stay open, except for a few days at some point when we break through the wall."

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