Smokin' Thighs Food Truck Looking at Bricks and Mortar


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When I first met Matthew Carney last year, the proprietor of the Smokin' Thighs food truck already had dreams of parking his converted Snap-On Tools van and opening up his own restaurant.

He had his eye on the property at 611 Wedgewood which was the original location of Judge Bean's Bar-B-Que and has housed other ventures since then. A sign promising that the Hot Rod Grille was "coming soon" has hung at the location for quite a while now, but the owner Chris Ferrell (who also went by the name Chris Michaels) has a lot of other things on his plate as he deals with a second-degree murder indictment after an incident at his other property, Pit and Barrel.

Hopefully there can be a positive development on the site if Carney can move in and start serving up his chicken goodness. There is a zoning hearing tonight that will address proper zoning for a restaurant space. Following the hearing would come final drawings, building permits, construction and then occupancy permits.

Carney has already begun to meet with the SNAP Community (South Nashville Action People), a neighborhood organization that has been in place for over 30 years in Nashville. He says he's excited about the potential of joining the community. "There's a lot of positive anticipation in the emerging Wedgewood-Houston Neighborhood because we will be bringing an eyesore of a building up to current codes," he says.

It'll still be a while before the Smokin' Thighs truck might possibly go up on blocks, so check out their schedule and menu at their website if you want a taste of what might soon be available in a static location. Carney promises new items for the menu at the restaurant to join his roster of smoked (don't call it barbecue!) chicken things, wings and drumsticks.


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