And Yea, the First Shall Be First — We Have a Cantina Laredo Contest Winner!



I asked y'all about your dining plans for the impending St. Valentine's Day, and it appears as if many of you will be cocooning and spooning at home like I will. But the winner of the free gift card from Cantina Laredo has plans that include actually leaving the crib.

The random number generator spun 'round and came up with the number 1. (Totally legit, BTW, a 6.25% chance.) So the commenter who shared something more significant than just saying "first!" was MelMel, who has plans to take her "dearest to Tin Angel, our favorite restaurant." That sounds delightful, MelMel!

Now that you're the winner of a $25 gift card, you can venture forth another time for a bonus meal. Email me at cchamberlain (at) gmail (dot) com and we'll set up the card exchange. Congrats and happy dining and smooching to all the Valentine's Bitesters!

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