If You Can Read This, Thank a Teacher



We've all seen the headline of this post on a bumper sticker somewhere, but the folks at Puckett's Boat Boat House in downtown Franklin are putting their money where your mouth is for the month of February. The seafood restaurant is recognizing the contributions of Williamson County teachers and faculty at both public and private schools by offering them a 10 percent discount on meals.

“The community has done so much to support the Puckett’s family of restaurants, and we wanted to show a little appreciation in return to those teachers responsible for shaping Franklin’s future generations,” says JT Ward, general manager at Puckett’s Boat House. “There’s no catch, just a ‘thank you’ for their service.”

With the exception of Valentine’s Day, the offer goes from Feb. 1 through Feb. 28. Individuals must present school identification to receive the discount. Even if you're not a teacher, consider dropping by and thanking them for their thoughtful gesture and grab a fried oyster basket while you're there.

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