Party with Big Head Todd at Rock Bottom Brewery


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If you were listening to the radio during the '90s, you've probably heard of Big Head Todd and the Monsters, a Colorado-based rock band that had a few hits off of their 1993 release, Sister Sweetly. They are touring in support of their upcoming album Black Beehive, and have a Nashville stop planned at 3rd & Lindsley this Sunday night, Jan. 26.

Before their show, they'll be hosting a meet-and-greet at Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery from 4 until 6 p.m. The members of the band will be on hand to mingle with their fans, and Rock Bottom will be giving away some concert tickets and autographed items. In honor of the new album, Rock Bottom will be featuring a drink they call "The Black Beehive," a pint of Moonlight Porter with a shot of Jack Honey.

Now I'm going to tell an embarrassing detail about myself. I've never missed an episode of The Real World on MTV since the very first season. (Actually I'm one episode behind on this season since I didn't realize it had started up again in San Francisco until earlier this week.) Why is this germane? Loyal Real World fans will recall that way back in season 11, lead singer Todd Mohr hooked up with Chicago cast member Cara during a club show, so you never know what might happen after a few Black Beehives. I think he's married now, but he did date Nashvillian Sheryl Crow for a year back in the early '90s, so maybe she'll make an appearance at Rock Bottom.


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