TLC's Hungry Brothers Bring Their Appetites to Music City



TLC has produced a new television show called Hungry Brothers, in which two siblings from the U.K. — one a butcher, the other a baker — travel around Kentucky and Tennessee exploring Southern culinary culture. The home network of Honey Boo Boo will premiere the show next Monday, Jan. 20, with two episodes airing locally at 10 and 10:30 a.m.

The 10 a.m. episode, titled "Moonshine and BBQ," focuses on Nashville, where they will visit some local favorites. Here's the synopsis:

Tom and Henry arrive in Nashville eager to sample the cities [sic] best culinary creations. They bravely attempt to eat Mother Cluckin' Hot Chicken, and use moonshine to extinguish the flames. Then, the brothers battle preparing dishes inspired by Nashville.

I think the hot chicken spot is pretty obvious based on the photo, and other sneak-peek pictures feature the Loveless Cafe and the Peg Leg Porker crew. They seem to have chosen their stops wisely for their Nashville visit, but the description of their Kentucky itinerary for the 10:30 episode has me a little worried:

Tom and Henry arrive in Kentucky and stop at a local community festival, complete with raccoon and possum stew. Then they go in search of the quintessential Kentucky spirit, Bourbon, and decide to make it the main ingredient in their culinary battle.

If I'd known they were looking for possum, I had a potential contribution to the stewpot living in the wall of my house that I'd have gladly let them cook up ...

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