What's Your Favorite (or Most Disgusting) Vintage Recipe?



Looks perfectly reasonable to me.
  • Looks perfectly reasonable to me.

The exceptionally prolific list makers over at Buzzfeed caught my eye last week with "21 Truly Upsetting Vintage Recipes," a compilation of delightfully disturbing foodstuffs from mid-20th century America, most of them complete with recipes.

Being of, ahem, a certain age (technically, I just make the baby-boomer cutoff), I still remember witnessing — and yes, indulging in — comestibles every bit as odd as these feasts for the eyes, if not for the stomachs. I remember my excitement when my mother first broke out the fondue set. I remember bizarre gelatin modes and all sorts of curious casseroles. I remember all admirably inventive uses for Ritz crackers. I remember cheese substances being contorted into all sorts of depraved sins against nature.

Surely some of you are of a similar, uh, vintage as myself. Do you have any particular dishes that stand out in your memory, for being either fabulous or frightening — or both?

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